POS Lavu Features and Pricing




LICENSING of software ONLY!


Subscription Amount (This is necessary for POSLavu cloud services, we are
just passing a fraction of the cost of our CLOUD servers)

Max amount of Terminals/iPads 1 2 UNLIMITED
Max number of users max 5 max 20 UNLIMITED
Max number of printers 2 5 UNLIMITED
Max number of iPod Touch/iPhones 1 10 UNLIMITED
Max number of cash drawers 1 2 UNLIMITED
BEST SUITED TO : Quick Serve Restaurant Small to Medium Sized Restaurant LARGE


FREE Upgrade Software Forever
Remote Backend Office
Windows and Mac Compatible
Customer Email Tracking
Intuitive Interface
Inventory System
Standard, Exportable Reports
Employee timesheet /Clock in – Clock out
Quickbooks® Integration
Split Checks
Seat Numbers
Automatic Routing to Multiple Printers
Customizable Report
Table Layout Management
Business Website integrated with POSLavu
Advanced Inventory System
Upsale Function / Promotion
Course Planning (Fine Dining)
Table Reservation System or Integration



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