POS Lavu iPad Based Point of Sale System

POS Lavu is a revolutionary software application that challenges the conventional approach that most restaurants take by using the popular- but soon-to-be obsolete Point of Sale systems. Using the consumers favorite- Apple’s iPad, POS Lavu has created a innovative and readily available application that can be downloaded and immediately put to use to change the way you conduct your business and increase efficiency and workflow.

As a wireless solution that operates off a simple and secure Wi-Fi connection, all machines ‘sync’ over a  REAL-TIME cloud computing server that offers freedom from traditional barriers, and a FRESH new technology that will soon become standard across the Food and Beverage industry and beyond.  Watch your customers eyes pop and jaws drop as each server has the ability to carry their iPad or iPod touch with them to wirelessly send in orders to the kitchen and the bar FROM THE TABLE THEY ARE SERVING.  Servers spend more time at the tables interacting with their customers rather than walking back and forth to the static POS system that other co-workers often fight to share.

POS Lavu, Apple’s best iPad based point of sale system has an intuitive interface that is sure to be the easiest POS system you will ever come across.  POS Lavu interface actually helps increase efficiency for servers in many ways such as prompting servers for modifiers on items such as meat temperature, toppings, guest count, etc., and helps to limit mistakes in the ordering process.  The interface also enhances the customer service experience by including pictures of each item on the menu for the viewing.  After all- people do eat with their eyes!

POS Lavu’s backend can be managed from anywhere in the world  (with internet access) as you can immediately make a quick change to pricing on your menu or a menu item, which substantially increases flexibility to run your business.    You can also track your up-to-the-minute sales, find out who is clocked-in, or one of the many detailed reports that the POS Lavu system can produce.  POS Lavu continues to roll out new features and reports commonly found in today’s leading POS systems and has a commitment to its customers and users to keep improving.

By the way, don’t forget that POS Lavu Point of Sale System is not only a innovative piece of software, but is also extremely price efficient and much cheaper than any other POS systems on the market.  The system is sleek, affordable, mobile, user friendly, brand-able, efficient, easily upgradeable, and sure to bring the “WOW” factor to all of your restaurants customers and employees.

To learn more about POS Lavu, please contact Yes! Solutions Toll-Free at (866) 937-2982 or e-mail poslavu@youreverythingsource.com. Yes! Solutions offers customer support and consulting for maintenance and setup of your POS Lavu system, network configuration for POS Lavu, hardware and software sales to build your POS Lavu network, as well as providing simple information of how POS Lavu can HELP YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!