iPad POS Lavu FAQ


  • Is the Software available now?

    YES! Contact us now for your free consultation!

  • Will there be manuals and other materials supplied for customers as well as for resellers?

    YES, for the user manual please click here!

  • Does this system require a separate “server” computer to run the wireless printers, etc?

    NO. POSLavu allows you to print directly from the iPads, and it is fast.

  • Why is there a monthly subscription?

    Part of the advantage of POSLavu is cloud computing; that benefits our users in many ways:

    * Monthly subscription is needed to cover the cost of hosted dedicated server.
    * Free software updates FOREVER!
    * Software support.
    * Future integration with many web applications (Facebook, Open table, Quickbooks.. etc)

  • Can it be set up with most merchant service companies?

    YES! We have a partnership that allows setup with most merchant service providers.

  • Is your app available for iPhone or iPod Touch?

    YES! Our App is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Is the FREE TRIAL available?

    YES! Please click here to get started!

  • Is there a Video Instruction?

    YES! Please visit the tutorials page.

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